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Coning Oil Emulsifier

Coning Oil Emulsifier
Coning Oil Emulsifier
Product Code : TC 42
Brand Name : CRISTOL COE - 70
Product Description

We are placed amongst the renowned, manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive stock of Coning Oil Emulsifier. Recommended for use in textile industry as finishing agent, it is specially formulated coning oils. This highly refined, light colored, low viscosity mineral oil based product containing suitable emulsifier, antistatic, friction reducing and anti-splashing agents to minimize the oil dosage during coning and twisting  operation. It provides excellent lubricity to filaments and reduces friction during operation. Prior to dispatch, this Coning Oil Emulsifier is stringently checked on various parameters.


  • Excellent scour ability
  • Low frictional properties
  • Good emulsion stability



CRISTOL COE-70 is a specially formulated Oil soluble emulsifier which finds its application

with mineral oils in the manufacture of soluble oils of the nonionic types. The product

formulated with mineral oil can be used in many applicationswhere mineral oil emulsion is

necessary.Some of the applications are provided below:

Scourable textile machine lubricants and needle oils can be prepared used Oil soluble
emulsifier at treatment levels up to about 5%. The inclusion of up to 0.5% oleic acid would
be necessary to clarify low treatment levels of Oil soluble emulsifier in some highly paraffinic
white oils. The dosage level of the emulsifier can be adjusted depending on the desired
stability of the emulsion.
For emulsifying neat EP additives in the conversion of conventional general purpose soluble
cutting oils and emulsions to give EP properties, CRISTOL COE-70 can be used as an
effective emulsifier.
Usual dosage is 10% by volume in suitable base mineral oil of BS. 4231 Viscosity Grade
No. 22 to 46 will produce a finished product for use in a variety of applications including
textile processing, glass fiber processing, glass grinding & container forming operations, non
ferrous metal working & grinding operations and in metal quenching.
CRISTOL COE-70 also finds its application in manufacturing of dust allaying fluids, oils for
electrostatic precipitator, leather & leather board processing.
In the development of non-cresylic acid based on conventional soluble cutting oils,
CRISTOL COE-70 can be effectively used as an emulsifier (around 2%) in achieving
spontaneous emulsification and emulsion stability.
An effective industrial emulsifiable solvent cleaner can be prepared by direct addition of
CRISTOL COE-70 to distillates such as Kerosene. Recommended dosage for this application
is 6%.


Sr. No. Tests Result Specifications

1. Physical Appearance Clear Liquid Clear Liquid

2. Colour Yellowish Yellowish To Brown

3. pH of 1% wt dispersion in D/W 7.51 6.0 - 9.0

4. Specific Gravity at 30° C. 0.9764 Report

5. SAP Value 52.44 45 60

6. Viscosity at 40° C. 49.59 120 (Max.)

7. Miscibility Test

11% Dosage with Group I Spindle Oil Miscible Miscible

8. Acid Value of the Blended Product 1.25% 3% Max